Achievements of the Competition

Year in and year out, Sheikh Jassim Bin Muhammad Al-Thani Holy Qur'an Competition becomes more developed and distinctive in the frame of its vision that comes along with social responsibility and commitment to prepare a promising new Qur’anic generation. It also has brought into existence a set of new creative ideas, social partnerships and a yearly new shape.
The Ministerial decree No.24 of 2013 issued by HE. Dr. Ghaith Bin Mubarak Al-Kuwari, the Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, concerning formation of the Permanent Committee of organizing the Competition, represents a new and strong start that shows that the Qur’anic Competition is deeply-rooted in the modern history of Qatar. Thus, the Competition has spread into a wide scope via creating new branches, social partnerships and distinguished social media campaign so that some 26960 participants, males and females, joined the 21st session of the Competition.

Scientific Vision:
The Competition has been witnessing much better growth in content and form. So, the present session has renewed “the Holy Qurán Memorization Branch wholly” through dividing it into the following three sections:
* The Holy Qurán Branch Memorization as a whole for nationals, males and females.
* Two sub-divisions: (1) Hafizes in general (Qurán memorizers) and (2) special segment for resident Hafizes.
* Categories of nationals branch (memorizers of 5,10,15,20 ,25 Ajzaa:parts). In this regard, rewards of the Competition in this session have been increased at the rate of 49% in the same branch.

Qatari Arbitrators:
Along with introducing a new electronic system and a special arbitration system to Al-Bara’em branch, the Competition has taken care of local cadre, polished their skills and strengthened their experiences in relation to Qur’anic Competitions management, since nationals constitute the majority of participants. As a result, the Qatari youth assume the responsibility of Arbitration Committees in Al-Bara’em branch.

New Qur’anic Generation:
In the framework of preparing a peerless Qur'anic generation, the 20th session of the Competition launched Al-Bara’em branch for nationals ( for those who are 12 years and less) and for residents (for those who are 18 years and less).
The male Bara’em compete at the Mosque of Imam Muhammad Ibn 'Abdul Wahhab, while the females at the Da'wah and Islamic Sciences Institute. Competitors totaled 2000 participants between the two years of 2013/2014.

In the Shade of Islam:
Those who are in charge of the Competition have been doing their best to expand its activities in word and in deed for the purpose of serving Islam and Muslims via creating the new branch of: institutions, authorities and private sector which ,in turn, includes a set of competitions Among which are:

A. New Converts:
This notion has come to add a new concept to the Qur'anic Competitions by the means of consolidating the Holy Qur'an in the hearts of new converts ,in word and in deed, and strengthening and developing the values of Islam.
Thus, this new branch has achieved striking success in the last two sessions of the Competition, held in 'Abdullah Bin Zaid Al-Mahmoud Islamic Cultural Center, so showed a 100% success rate.
B . The People of the Holy Qur'an:
For the purpose of confirming the educational role in the society ,the Competition has held a set of distinctive societal partnerships so as to present its mission and vision in a high-standard picture that serves the society, among them: "The People of the Holy Qur'an Program" of " the Holy Qur'an Radio" during the Blessed Month of Ramadan starting from the 20th Session of the Competition.
This program is characterized by interaction through receiving the participants' calls to recite some verses of the Holy Qur’an, and then, choose the best ten of callers to be honored.
C. Twitter for the Holy Qur'an:
To bring the Competition to an advanced step of development and to make different sections of the society share in, those in charge of Sheikh Jassim Bin Muhammad Holy Qur'an have-launched in its 21st session a new form of Qur'anic competition under the title of "Twitter for the Holy Qur'an" inside the State of Qatar in cooperation with : " Qatar T .V.", Ahal Qatar, "Islam web", and "The Holy Qur'an Radio".
This competition is based on a set of technical conditions to show twitterers' love and concern in the Holy Qur'an in which females won eight centers out of the first ten winners.
D. Recite and Send:
The idea of “Recite and Send" competition has come to a global event in the realm of Qur'anic competitions. This form of competition aims at igniting the spirit of beautiful competition among the young and their interest in the Holy Qur'an via different forms of social media.

New Start towards Universality:
The 20th session of the Competition (1435/2014) has introduced a new branch for non-Arabic -speaking people in the Balkans. Thus, the Islamic Center in Rijeka, Croatia, has become the main center for competitors of the young in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia.
For the first time , this branch makes it possible for non-Arabic -speaking people to compete in learning and memorizing the Holy Qurán in Arabic outside the State of Qatar, especially in the countries that support some Islamic Qatari centers and projects which strengthen the values of tolerance and toleration clemency and kindness as stated in the Islamic teachings .

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