On the Competition

Sheikh Jassim Bin Muhammad Holy Qur'an Competition is the most general deep-rooted and comprehensive one, in branches and in kinds, and the best in rewards in the modern history of Qatar.
It constitutes a commendable pattern of commitment to noble values in the way of life of Sheikh Jassim Bin Muhammad Al-Thani, the founder of the modern state of Qatar. It also represents a model pattern for the rightly-guided leadership, a faithful reflection of Qataris’ serving the Holy Qurán, its Hafizes and teachers as well as the love of Allah’s Messenger, blessings and peace of Allah be upon him.
The Competition aims to strengthen and consolidate reciting and understanding, learning and memorizing the Holy Qurán ,in addition to serving its people, which is considered one of the priorities of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs. Moreover, the Competition aims at preparing some Qatari generation of Hafizes of the Holy Qurán and developing commendable competition in different fields of the Holy Qurán and its sciences.
It is characterized by encouraging the youth to recite the Holy Qurán in different Qiraat (readings and methods of reciting the Qurán), since Qiraat is deemed a glorious deed of the Quránic competitions. It also encourages sharing in enrichment of the Quránic approach and its audio, linguistic, social and human diversity.
The Competition is highly proud of encouraging both of males and females to memorize the Holy Qurán. It shows care and effort in order to graduate an open-minded Qatari Qur’anic generation that feels pride in Islam. Furthermore, it takes care of the youth as well as the new converts for which it spares no effort to make them join together and participate in the new milieu.
Sheikh Jassim Bin Muhammad Holy Qur'an Competition is distinguished by launching a special branch for non-Arabic-speaking people for the purpose of helping them perform their acts of devotions in the best manner and follow the teachings of Islam. This constitutes a practical presence of the Arabic language worldwide.
It is also proud of holding diverse societal partnerships. Among which are: The Holy Qurán Radio and the people of the Qurán program, in addition to “The Top First ” international branch at which the first rank winners of the Global Quránic Competitions compete again until one of them becomes the “Top First ”.
This Competition aims at accomplishing the following noble goals:
1- To show graciousness towards the Holy Qur'an.
2- To encourage learning , understanding and memorization of the Holy Qur'an.
3- To associate Muslim generations with the Holy Qur'an: learning ,memorizing and practising.
4- To revive the spirit of competition among Hafizes.
5- To upgrade one's eagerness and determination to be engaged in considerable matters not trivialities.
6- To prepare a generation that understands the Qur'an rightly so as to become an upright support in the future for the Ummah(nation/community).
7- To honor the well-skilled from among the people of the Holy Qur'an and to urge others to follow their steps.
8- To emulate Al-Salaf Al-Salih (the righteous predecessors) in relation to honoring the people of knowledge and Hafizes of the Holy Qurán.
9- To clearly and definitely explain that the Muslim Ummah cannot get rid of all calamities unless Muslims, all Muslims, adopt the Holy Qurán in word and in deed.
10- To make the Muslim Ummah realize, aware of and understand which protects it from unfortunate conditions, distresses and ordeals.