The Whole of the Holy Qurán
The Whole of the Holy Qurán

Section of memorizing the whole of the Holy Qurán is considered a glorious deed to Sheikh Jassim Bin Muhammad Holy Qur'an Competition, a crown on participants’ heads, males and females, and a Qatari excellent deed in the field of serving the Holy Qurán for more than two decades.
According to contemporary scholars of Qiraat and arbitrators of the Holy Qurán competitions, this section constitutes a strong motive for competition in memorizing the Holy Qurán due to diversity of narrations of the participating reciters, richness and high level of questions and diversity of participating nationalities. This, in turn, makes the Competition a competitive Qur'anic school.
This section is divided into the following subdivisions:

Nationals (males and females)

Memorizing the whole of the Holy Qurán( Tarteel and Tajweed: rules governing pronunciation during recitation of the Qur'an. )

Residents (males and females)

Special for some category of resident Hafizes:
• Memorizing the whole Qur'an (Tarteel and Tajweed) and learning words of the Holy Qur'an of the 30th Juz' from "Al-Siraj Fi Bayan Ghareeb Al-Qur'an" by Dr. Muhammad Al-Khudairi.
• This section is special for Imams and Muezzins, Qur'an teachers, reciters and those who won in the previous competitions.

Hafizes in general:
• Memorizing the whole Qur'an (Tarteel and Tajweed).
• This unit is for residents in general and for those who are 18 years old and less.


The total sum of rewards of this section approaches QR.1,100,000.