Non-Arabic Speakers
Non-Arabic Speakers

Sheikh Jassim Bin Muhammad Al- Thani Qur'an Competition for non-Arabic speakers is a Qur’anic competition, for both males and females, is held in / outside Qatar. It aims to serve the Holy Qur’an and to strengthen the relation of Muslims with the Holy Qur’an : reciting, understanding and memorizing. It also aims to develop the ties of knowing one another, cooperation for righteousness and pity, and values of humanitarian peace and solidarity.

Objectives of the competition:

• To serve the Holy Qur’an.
• To strengthen the relationship of Muslims with the Holy Qur’an: recitation, understanding and memorization.
• To develop the relation of Muslims with the Arabic language since it plays a main role in protecting the Islamic knowledge.
• To activate exterior Islamic centers which the State of Qatar supports.
• To develop the relations between different cultures of people and cooperation for righteousness and pity.
• To encourage Muslims to memorize some Quránic Surahs (chapters) which are required to make their prayers valid.


This branch of competition offers financial rewards to all participants.